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    Question 2000 900 stx no wot??

    Hi Bill here first post ,hope I am in the right section.. I can not figure out this ski and not sure what to do next, anyway I picked up this ski two weeks ago really nice ski but has been sitting since 2005, I was told it was properly stored but who knows.. I got to start on the hose I had taken out any of the gas that was in the tank by useing a pump added fresh gas with stabil installed new plugs made sure battery was charged and headed for the water. It ran great in the water even at full throttle (wot) for the first 25 min or so and then forget it ,it started stalling and you could barely give it throttle without stalling and very difficult to start?? When I got it home I took off the carbs. they are the cv type they looked pretty clean so I took apart the case pump where the fuel goes in and that had some junk in it along with trhe fuel filter so I cleaned the diaphram screen and put it back together I also installed a new filter drained the tank again put high test and startron in it and headed for the water again.. Again it ran great for about the first 25 -30 min then the same thing but not as hard to restart and you could give it a little more throttle without it dyeing.. Hate to give up on it ,it is otherwise in mint cond. with about 80 hrs on it.. It is a hard machine to start when cold after that starts pretty easy. Ant ideas or thoughts would really be appreciated// dont know if it is still a fuel problem.. ? Thanks in advance Bill

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    Well not sure if I figured it out but, I felt the problem is with the fuel..I am not a mechanic but have always enjoyed "tinkering" with cars , boats, atv`s anything with a motor so I removed the engine and then removed the gas tank, only way I could figure it would come out,. Anyway the tank looked very brown inside with junk floating around the pickups were completly clogged even the reserve which I was able to fix while it was out..The main reason I did this was I had pumped the tank out a few days earlier with a homemade transfer pump I have and I went to use it again it was completly clogged with this white/brown almost calcium looking material.. So tank is now spotless put it all back together went and got fresh fuel but it is still difficult to start .. I think I am going to change the case pump on the fuel inlet side of the carbs it is the only other part of the fuel system that could have this junk in it.. I have read that starting is a drawback on the constant velocity carbs maybe a primer system would help?.. Thanks Bill

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    Welcome aboard, Bill!

    6 year old gas will really screw up a fuel system. Hope you got a really good deal on it. You might end up overhauling the carbs, but the CVs are tricky to do (so I'm told, never did it myself).

    Primers help starting immensely, HOWEVER, if you install them, DO NOT REMOVE THE CHOKES ON THE CV CARBS. They are needed to create a pressure differential that is used for fuel metering. Remove the chokes and it will run uncontrollably lean.

    Some people mount the primer nozzle in the flame arrestor. I prefer the intake manifold so I can remove the carbs without messing with the primer.

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