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    FZR Riva Waterbox or Gut the stock ???

    I have a 2010 Fzr, want more sound out of my ski, what would be best to do.... spend the $400 on the Riva waterbox setup or just remove my oem and get it completely gutted ?

    I know on my Rxp i was able to gut the oem waterbox because of the help from the j-pipe not allowing water to return up into my motor, i noticed on my Fzr the waterbox sits fairly lower in my hull, any advice would be greatly appreciated !

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    I read the riva water box works better than the stock gutted one....but I may be wrong......just what Iv'e read in the past

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    Whats that whistling noise? jtskier11's Avatar
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    If you want a bit more noise just install the thru-hull exhaust.

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    it's goin like boeing jdml's Avatar
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    i fitted the riva water box and was very happy with the gain's. can't imagine the stock gutted would work as well !! but hey give it a go and let us all know what what the results are good luck !!!!!

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    Guess ill just have it gutted and try that out lol

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    I run a riva waterbox, I like it . It sounds like a big block car motor. I also have free flow exhaust.

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    My friends say mine sounds like a pro stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stg1Rxp2005 View Post
    Guess ill just have it gutted and try that out lol
    Be careful with gutting the stock box. The metal is real thin and if not welded correctly I have seen them split and fill the ski with water. It could cost you far less in the long run to just go with the Riva box. Besides, it sounds incredibly bad ass and has been designed on the dyno and proven to increase power.

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    i have a gutted waterbox and the rear through hull exhaust.. its way too loud in my opinion.. and no noticable performance gains..

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    riva waterbox

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