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    engine cleaning for 300x

    hey guys, i was wondering how and if you guys clean you engine. I always spray everything down with wd40 when im done riding. My ski got around 20 hours on it and the comb. of wd40 and 20 hours of salt is starting to look messy. I was thinking about tilting the ski up and taking out the plugs than shooting everything down with the hose and let it drain out the back. I don't wanna do that yet because i don't know if it will damage anything. What other alternatives do you guys suggest if that wont work? Any advise would be much appreciated! Thanks and be safe

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    i have washed all my skis out after every ride with the pressure washer, and never had an issue yet, they are as new inside the hull, just rest the nose of the ski up so all water will drain out the back. when you are done blow the engine bay down with a leaf blower or air compressor it will speed up the drying time, when its all dry in a day or so spray it all down with lanotec or similar. do this after every ride and remove that s/c belt cover (put it in the cupboard) whilst your at it remove the spark plugs and apply antiseize. can also use a tin of degreaser if you dont have a pressure washer it will help loosen the greasy mess up that you now have.

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    Wd40 is a degreaser and not a lubricant or protecent use a good silicone or fogging oil to spray down with after ur rides.

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