hello to all i had a few questions about a stxr i just picked up. so its an 05 stxr, and its in pretty good shape. the motor is completely stock minus a primer kit and it also has an in-line fuel filter. the ski runs flawless until you get just about to its top speed, hold the throttle wide open for more than 3 secs and it just falls right on its face. i was hoping a new fuel filter would fix this problem and wanted your guys opinion on where to get the best fuel filter maybe locally? i also wanted to pick up some new plugs for it but the ski is at the lake and i cant find any info on the net stating what plugs it takes. another issue i have is the display has developed condensation inside and it has made it almost unreadable so i was hoping i could be pointed in the right direction to where i could purchase a new one hopefully for not to much money. the left sponson is also cracked so i do need one of those too. thanks in advance for all your help.