Good Afternoon,

Yesterday I pulled my 2002 GTI out of the back yard (had running last year and winterized properly) and put a new batterie on it and ran it on the hose for a while in preperation to go riding. Everything seemed to go smooth. I left it alone for a while (not running) and came back to run it on the hose for a little bit longer. She fired up no problem but I was giving it a little gas and all of a sudden the RPMS souned like they went way up even after I released the throttle. I don't know if it was something stuck open, or an exhause problem. The machine seemed to get a little bit louder and I shut it off quickly. I looked around and saw nothing obvious, and fired it up again. Sounds perfectly normal at idol, but once I give it a little gas it seems to be much louder and won't return to idol. This is the two cylinder, two stroke, 85hp motor.

Thanks for your advice!