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    Smile 02 GTX 4-tec please read. Speed, maintenance, scratches, OPAS mod, and more.

    Ok I have done the search on all this stuff and not got any straight up answers (I think).

    I only find a service manual for 2003 but everything seams the same mine is a 02 non-supercharged 155hp. Is it?

    I am getting right at 60mph with a 250lbs rider @ 7050rpm on a ski with 296hr, new wear ring, straight impeller (stock from the best I can tell), no mods, and 3/4 tank of fuel running 89octane.

    I have done a little mod that I found on another site but have not been on the water yet to try it out yet to see what if it helps. I used a 1/2"PVC pipe 2" long to hold up the OPAS paddles and moved them in as much as I could to get the least amount of drag from them but still keep them for when I am at a idle. They seamed like they were dragging in the water and not moving up like they should.

    I would like to know what I would gain if I did the following.

    Waterbox mod.
    rear exit exhaust.
    aftermarket impeller. (suggestions appreciated)
    Have not seen anything about aftermarket air cleaner but interested.
    And open to anymore cheap or free mods.

    Ok now maintenance. While changing the impeller I changed the grease in the cone. Oil looks clean but unsure how many hours are on it since I just bought it. What are some other maintenance things I should look for.

    I have the dark blue hull and shows scratches bad. Would sanding with 1000 sand paper and buffing compound would like it does on a boat. Not sure how thick the gel coat is on these.

    Ok now for the fun stuff. How or can you make these easier to do a 180 slide on these.

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    Well just took it out and tried it out with the OPAS and it seamed to gain 2mph I ran 62mph at the same 7050rpm. When you back out of the throttle it don't act like it has brakes and something dragging. And to me it seams to handle better in the 35-45mph range than it did before. All that for free with scrap 1/2" pvc from the lumber yard.

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