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    bad whining coming from slt 700...

    Just bought this boat a couple weeks ago and it sounded slightly whiny. My brother said it sounded like a gear drive listening from the shore... lol. Coming from the triple i didnt know if it was just the way the twin sounded or what. Maybe its just me but it seems the whining is getting louder. Would crank bearings make this sound? Or would it be pump bearings. Very hard to locate the sound. The engine is running fine though. definetely sounds like a groan though.. just hoping its not the motor. Sound seems to go away when the engine is unloaded like going over a wave... Also when turning sharp to the left i feel a vibration in the hull. maybe i should just go grab a video.

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    sounds like the pump bearings are going out

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    i agree

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    Quote Originally Posted by 785 lugs View Post
    sounds like the pump bearings are going out
    Yep. Within 30 minutes you can verify this possibility. Take out the 4 long pump bolts, remove the steering linage, reverse linkage, water tube, and siphon tube. Pull the pump straight back to remove it, then pull the driveshaft out of the impeller. If the pump bearings are good you should be able to spin the impeller pretty easily ad it should be smooth. If there are any tight spots or grinding feeling you'll know the pump is bad.


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    My signature links include instructions on how to remove the jet pump.

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    ok sounds good... i just took off the pump off the 750 last weekend so whats another pump... lol. the bearing is the one between the stator and impeller right? there isnt a bearing in the hull just a seal? could a pump bearing sound like its coming from the font of the boat? Sounds travel weird sometimes.. also it does it at very low speeds as well.. i guess if the bearing is bad it will do it at any speed.

    thanks guys

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    I had this on a friend's SLT 780 too. We rebuilt the jet pump and all is well now.

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    replaced the impeller assembly with the one out of my 750 and the whine is gone . Only problem is the 750 impeller is worn the hell out. looks like atleast 1/16 of an inch clearance around the wear ring. So im gonna order a new impeller and a new rebuild kit. Also corrosion was so bad i had to take the ride plate off to knock the stator assembly loose. so now i gotta seal that up. whats best to use?

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