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    260X fouling plugs

    Alright guys,

    I know the fouled plugs topic has been brought up a hundred times but I wanted to run a possible cause by everyone and see what you all thought.

    I have a 2010 260X that now has 9 hours on it and it has fouled the plugs 3 seperate times. The dealer installed a backflow preventer at 3 hours and since then it has been better but now at 9 hours the plugs fouled again.

    I have noticed a trend that it only seems to really do it after I hose down the engine compartment. Does anyone think this could somehow be related or am I just reaching at straws now.

    Today after hosing it down the ski acted the same as if the plugs were fouled but after playing with it for a bit it finally fired up, ran poorly for 30 seconds and then after letting it sit for a bit it started up without any difficulty and ran fine.

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    well if it does it after you hose down the engine compartment that sounds more like water getting where it shouldnt, check all electrical connectors, guessing you arent putting the hose down the intake so i would rule out water injestion, what is the back flow preventer? is this the exhaust filter from the 300x?
    are you sure its fouled plugs? is it water are they rusty? does it have a bypass filter installed because if you wet that filter you will get same symptoms.

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    It is the exhaust filter for the 300X and all three times the first two times it acted like this it was rusty plugs which lead to them installing the filter. As for the bypass unless it comes stock then i dont have it as the ski sits completely stock

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    you are flushing in the correct manner arent you? and emptying the water box after use?

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