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    Problem with my 06' RXP215 please help

    So this morning I bought my dad a used 2006 RXP215 with 58 hours just like my boat. The problem with his boat is from a dead stop it seams like the prop slips/cavitates and it bounces of the rev limiter at 8200 for a couple seconds and then accelerates decent up to about 8100rpm and indicated 69mph on dash.

    My boat from a stop just grabs and flies from a stop but his seams to cavitate or slip. Any ideas what to look for?


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    Have you checked the condition of the pump wear ring and the impeller ?

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    I just took a look at the prop. on the leading edges not the edges that seam the the wear rings there are i'd say about 10-12 small chips in the edges. Could this cause the prop to slip from a dead stop at full throttle?

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    yes, My daughter at our last race picked up a small rock, she immediately turned it off and I fished it out, one small nick on one blade and one little gouge on the plastic wear ring, and it cavitated like crap for the rest of the races on the starts, If you feather the throttle it would get on plane and then be fine, but from a dead stop, it was bad,
    take a flashlight and look underneath the ski at the wear ring that is around the leading edges of the impeller, I am willing to bet that it is worn,

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    there looks like a couple small grooves in the wear ring and the prop has several nicks. the nicks however arent in the part of the prop that mates with the wear ring they are in the edges on the fins.

    His boat cavitates at full throttle from a dead stop after that its seams fine. it get on plane after a couple seconds of slipping itll them bite alittle.

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