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    02 F12x hull damage

    I just bought an 02 F12x that had previously had damage to the gelcoat from power-loading onto a lift. The previous owner had the gelcoat repaired (repair looked ok at time of purchase) and after about 15 hours of riding, some of the repaired sections are starting to chip off. All chips are less than dime size, but are down all the way to black base (I'm guessing fiberglass underneath). I would like to know if this needs to repaired right away or if it can wait until winter. What I can use to fill the chips, and if it would be a good idea over the winter to repaint the hull with something like awlgrip or re-gelcoat the hull. Sorry for the long questions, I am new to the forums.

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    Fill the divots with Marine Tex, which is very easy to use.

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    thanks, will do!

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