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Thread: polaris trouble

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    polaris trouble

    hello all and thanks for reading my bit. I have a 94' polaris 750. When I press the start button I only get a sound like a vacuum running and when i let go it stops. It will not start up. What are my possible problems? I thought it was the starter to be replaced but i think its way below and have to take everything out to access it. So before i replace the starter i'd like some input from polaris users. I have never worked on watercrafts but I do work on cars, buses, subways etc. What ever you can tell me I will appreciate. Thanks a million!!!!!!

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    Welcome to the Hulk! You found the right place to fix your ski. sounds like the bendix isbt popping out to engage the flywheel.. maybe a bad starter or bendix..

    did you know your ski has a single outlet fuel pump on it and it is reccomended to replace it with a new mikuni triple outlet fuel pump instead.. the older version single kinda poops out after a while and gets weak and causes a lean condition that burns the pistons.

    a carb rebuild is essential along with changing the fuel lines on this machine.. read some of the threads about the 750. you can use the search function or look under different topics and youll stumble upon all sorts of great info. these guys are the best in the world on Polaris skis.

    If you have any questions, even stupid ones, just ask.

    yeah, its a pain in the butt to change the starter.. the bendix is worse, the flywheel has to come off.

    Is your battery brand new and fully charged. these skis dont like to start with a weak or old battery. nature of the beast I guess. 10.6 volts while cranking minimum. A good AGM battery is what ya need.

    All your ground connections to the engine plate clean of dirt and tight? the stater red main wire tight? battery terminals tight?

    where ya from and has your ski been in salt water?

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    Sounds like the starter is spinning. Possibly a bad bendix.

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    See my signature links for important info.

    It sounds like you will need to remove the flywheel and replace the Bendix gear. Pulling the flywheel with the engine inside the hull is the hardest part, but doable.

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