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    2007 stx 12 f getting water in the oil

    I just bought a 2007 stx 12 f about 2 weeks ago we rode it the first time for about 1 hr today and I checked the oil afterwards and it had water in it as it was milky looking ,I checked it before we rode and it was fine the water today was calm and we just rode around like us old folks do no wave jumping or turning it over

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    Where did you buy it, private seller or dealer. Water in oil of course shouldn't happen no matter the conditions. Did you start it up before riding. The owner could have sunk it, ingested water and changed the oil to conceal it. It takes a few oil changes before the oil will stop being milky is what I have read on here. I could also have a blown gasket somewhere unfortunately.

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    Did you happen to buy that ski in Lake Mary, Florida. I looked at a ski that a lady had for sale and noticed that on of the repair receipts it stated hydrolocked. After questioning her about it, I found out that she had been turning on the water first, before starting the engine to do the cooling system flush. This is a easy mistake to make if your new to the watercraft world. Greg

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