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    should if do it ( rr ecu)

    Anybody came across the problem of haveing the knock sensor on a 04 rxp installed and w/ the pig tale installed . Then loosing about 2-3 thousands rpms on the top end .. well i did . and now i am about to install a rotex rr ecu on my stock ski to fix my rpm problem .. any thoughts on this..

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    did you ONLY put the piggy back harness "pigtail" on the ski?

    did you also update the ECU?

    you can't jstu slap the pigtail on a stock ski if the ECU hasn't been updated to accept it....

    and similarly you can't jsut update the ECU and then not put the pigtail on...

    the RR ECU 4501 does NOT want the pigtail
    the RR ECU 4502 i believe you LEAVE the pigtail installed

    let me know.....

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    To install the RR ECU on your ski just simply remove the knock sensor piggy back update harness.

    This thread will help you:

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