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    2012's let down or no?

    I wasnt very impressed ill be keeping my 08....

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    I don't think so at all. The new rxpx is designed more for closed course racing, which isnt' for everyone. I think the RXT-260 and the RXTX are very impressive with the s3 hulls and potential.
    I don't know enough about the GTR but I'm interested to find out more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laxcrazy23 View Post
    I wasnt very impressed ill be keeping my 08....
    I'm not just saying this because I feel obligated after winning the Sea-Doo contest, but my honest opinion...If you're comparing your '08 RXP-X to the new one, it's a world of difference. The difference in the S3 hulls compared to my '08 RXTs was dramatic enough. But going from the '08 RXP to the new T3 hull on the RXP-X 260 will shock you. At first I was skeptical, until I rode it.

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