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    Paint or Gelcoat??? 1998 GP 1200

    I need some body work done on my 1998 GP 1200. I bought it with a crack in the hull. I had a fiberglass pro look at it and he said he can't tell if its paint or gel coat and won't know until he starts grinding on it for sure. Anyone know? It's original.

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    The hull is made of SMC (sheet molded compound) and normal fiberglass repairs won't stick well to it. Its also not gelcoat. So hopefully he'll use the proper repair stuff and then he'll need to paint it.

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    Once again thanks Cutlass...your the sh#t

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    Reply to hull repair

    He really needs to back the repair if possible with a panel cut from another fiberglass source (i.e. another boat hull, truck bedside, mustang hood, or the like) with a good bonding product like Lord Fusor or 3M Automix adhesives. Then cove the top side and repair with a good smc/fiberglass adhesive and add fiber if needed. Then finish as needed to prime and paint. The hard part can be getting to the inside to back it if it needs because of the "stuff" inside the hull and difficult clamping room.

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