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Thread: motor seized?

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    motor seized?

    my parents just got a pair of 2002 virage's today and one of them made it out about 100 yards and died. They towed it in and had me come look at it. You can hear the starter engage the flywheel but cant turn the motor at all. I've ruled out any possibility of it being the battery (they're brand new, getting plenty of juice to the starter, it started the ski up with ease prior to it breaking down and we even tried switching with the other ski's battery and tried to jump it) I took the intake grate off and tried turning the motor manually by the impeller shaft and couldn't get it to turn (was able to turn the motor like this on the other ski)

    So with that being said, is there anything else that would cause this? Also if it is seized up, is there a bigger engine available that i could put in it or is the 95 hp motor the only one that will fit in it?

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    Start by removing the jet pump. If the jet pump bearings have seized then the motor will not turn. See my signature links for info on removing the jet pump.

    With the jet pump and drive shaft removed, try turning the motor by hand. You can remove the plastic cover from the drive shaft coupler behind the engine. Remove the big gear clamp and pry the plastic cover off.

    Remove the spark plugs. Not only will this make it easier to turn by hand, if there is water inside the engine it will come out the spark plug holes instead of hydraulic locking the piston.

    If engine will still not turn over with jet pump removed and spark plugs out, then either the engine itself has seized or the starter Bendix gear has jammed with the flywheel.

    As with any brand of used PWC, especially machines that are now nine years old, it is important to first go over them from end to end before you start riding. A lot can happen over the years, and the only thing that makes an old watercraft reliable is time and effort spent checking them over and doing the maintenance and upgrades.

    You will find a lot of useful information on Greenhulk and through my signature links. The Virage is a well liked model. I have a Virage TXi myself.

    Are these Virage two or three cylinder engines? Fuel injected or carburetor?

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