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Thread: 14 Cent Repair

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    14 Cent Repair

    Yesterday morning started off great, my wife and I took our 1998 Polaris on a ride to New Point Comfort from our house in Poquoson. It was flat and glassy so it was nice 10 mile trip. Saw a bunch of turtle eggs that were exposed in part of the eroding shoreline and walked the beach for a while. We left at 0700 hrs and were back home by 1000 hrs.
    Around 1300 hrs I decided to make a run from Poquoson to the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel to do a little fishing. I made it about 11 miles to off of Buckroe and then my ski started erratically surging. It felt to me like a broken motor mount. I could go slow but not more than 5-7 mph. I turned around and started making my way back home. A couple of my friends met me half way back and towed me the rest of the way home. After putting the ski back on my dock, I inspected it and found that an e-clip that holds the cable to the reverse was missing causing the reverse baffle to fall back while I was running. That is why it felt like it was running terrible. I went to the hardware store and got a couple clips and put it back together. A 14 cent repair job! Finally a couple pennies instead of several hundred $$. Today I will find a stainless one to put on it. Here are a couple of pics I took yesterday.

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    Talk about being nickeled and dimed!! Good to hear that's all it was.

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    That is great news! I bet if you would have brought it "iN" they would have found something else wrong with it.

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    Great pics. If you had brought it in, they def. would have found a problem. Probably would have either been the johnson rod or the muffler bearing. haha. Glad you fixed it for such a great price! Thanks for sharing the pics.

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    Talk about bang for your buck on the repair! Great pics also

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