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    CDI installation

    I have a 2000 Polaris Virage TX that has no spark, i've finally been able to narrow it down
    to the cdi being bad (it is a red pot cdi). I have a new (black pot) cdi on order and reading through the manual it says that the timing on the new one may be off and that i need to
    check it after it is installed. I have a timing light and i marked the fly wheel but i am wondering if anyone has installed a cdi before and if their timing has been off and by how much. i know that adjusting the timing via the magneto is not fun and am hoping that it will be spot on. Thanks for any and all help.

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    Timing difference may be on the order of 1-2 degrees difference. But that can be enough to put the engine right on the edge of too much timing if it happens in the advance direction.

    If the timing shifts to the retarded direction then a couple of degrees can reduce engine power enough to notice.

    Worth checking.

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    so that brings me to my next question. i followed the manual to mark the timing on the
    flywheel by putting a dial indicator in the cylinder and measuring how many thousandths of an inch it went down etc... when i went to mark the flywheel the markings on the flywheel
    were slightly off from what i measured. the manual says it is supposed to be 23 degrees at 3000 rpm so i used a marker and marked it by what it said on the flywheel as i am hoping it
    is more accurate than my measurement. any opinions as to whether or not the flywheel markings are accurate or should i go by my measurement?

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    Was the flywheel zero degree marking accurate with MAG piston at TDC?

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    I spent so much time trying to be accurate getting to 23degrees BTDC i didnt even think to check it at TDC. i'll have to go back into this weekend and double check it.
    thank you for the help I appreciate it.

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