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    2007 Speedster SCIC Fuel Filters

    Fuel filters clogged up. I replaced a couple of years ago. I think I found a drop in replacement using a Saturn vehicle. Does anyone know about this? There are 2. 1 inside the fuel pump, and one on the outside of the fuel pump.


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    Common with 1997 Saturn SL Sedan. "Airtex" Part #'s FS220 and FS242.

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    What is the maintenance interval on these? How difficult to replace?

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    Suggest every couple of years if you use your boat a lot. Mine have been almost completely clogged up now twice.

    Remove center seat. Remove the entire fuel pump assembly by removing the 10 mm nuts holding in tank. Studs will stay in the tank.

    One filter is on the bottom outside of fuel pump.

    To access the other one, you must pinch in the 3 plastic retaining clamps, mid way down, and remove the fuel pump assy from the housing. (Spring will come loose - Don't worry will go back fairly easy) Can then see the interior fuel filter. Both filters are held on by push fit.

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    both of those numbers are strainers (socks) that look like they go on the bottom of the pump? why would they use two socks? so to do a speedster 200 twin I would need a total of four socks two 220's and two 242's right? Man this is a great thread I had no idea of these filters im going to change mine asap!

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    Yes, however one is on the outside of the pump, and one on the inside.

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    THANKS! I am going to order the filters right now. I found them at summit racing.

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    I haven't looked into this yet quick question though.. does the amount of gas in the tank make any difference? (Is it easier/only possible with low tank?) And how does the middle seat come off?

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    Level of gas has no impact.

    Middle seat has "Christmas tree" plastic connectors in the back towards motor, that will pull out when lifting up. These are typically a one time use. (I replaced with velcro) The front of the seat has metal brackets, ~ 1" width, that slide under the plastic opening on seat. Tilt seat up from back push seat forward it it will release.

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    Thanks Russ about the seats I have been wanting to take seats out and clean behind mine. I have a 2008 Speedster 155 130 hp.

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