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Thread: '03 RXDI issue

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    '03 RXDI issue


    Had a friend borrow my ski this weekend and he used a battery pack to jump the battery. got it started, then shut the ski off. Now he doesnt even get the 2 beep when key is plugged there a fuse to the Mpem or ignition? I am not able to get to the lake until the weekend to look at it...he didn't know you were not supposed to jump the battery, any suggestions?

    Thx in advance!


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    The "don't jump start" stuff is nonsense, if you know what you are doing. The reason Sea Doo advises against it is because there are way too many bozos out there that hook the leads up backwards blowing a bunch of electrical stuff in the process. I assume he hooked it up the right way, because you said it started. (maybe he tried it again backwards??)

    In '03, they went to the main power relay with a 4 wire DESS post. I suspect your DESS post is bad; they are a common failure item.

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