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    NEED Electrical box for 95' 780SLX

    Ok, so I've had all sorts of problems with my ski... Thought I was getting a mint ski that would run well for a grand... I've replaced the motor, reeds, rebuilt carbs, blocked off the oil pump, then found out it was only bumping on one cylinder, the middle coil pack was bad. So we swapped it out and have been running happily since.

    Well my dad put it in the water this weekend before I got out and didn't put the plug in...

    So my mom wanted to ride, she hoped on and kept trying to start it, well, it filled the motor completely full of water, so I had to blow it all out. I kept messing with it and messing with it and then finally decided something else was up so I checked for spark. I now am sparkless, took apart the e-box and it was full of water and had some corosion, I sprayed it down with CRC- 655 to see if that would help, but still no spark.

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    Do you need everything in the box, or just the box itself? I have an ebox, but the CDI is out of it....everything else is good.

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