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    Looking at a 2004 Honda Aquatrax Turbo F12-X to buy

    I have a Sea Doo RXT and a RXT-X and a friend came to the lake over the weekend and now he wants a PWC. He found a 04 Honda F-12 X for $4,300 with 129 hrs on it. He asked me to go look at it with him because he has never owned one. I dont know the first thing about Honda PWC's or a turbo. Anything special I need to look at over all? This will be a visual inspection only due to the fact that the closest water is 2 hours away. Any help would be appreciated

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    make sure to check for rust ! rust is bad. look at the turbo in the rear and the wastegate. if this is rusted thats a bad sign. i once went to see a honda ski and i saw exposed cables. just take a picture of a honda motor from google and try to match. main thing is that you turn it on and leave it idle for about 10 mins while flushing. any other questions message me in my inbox...

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    He ended up buying it. The motor was clean. It had a few scratches on the botom of the hull but other than that it looked great. The guy bought it from a Honda mechanic and had all kinds of service records.

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