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    Market for Hulls?


    Some of you may have read that I picked up some project F12Xs this weekend. I'm considering parting them out rather than taking the time to reassemble them. One of the factors in my decision is how much trouble I would have selling some of the parts. Is there much of a market for the hulls? Both of them are in great shape, just oxidized and I am working on that. What are they worth? If I can't sell them, that would probably convince me that I would need to reassemble them and sell them as complete skis. That would require MORE money to be invested and more time so......

    Thanks for the advice.


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    Last year someone was looking for one and I think they found it. Not sure how much they paid. Good luck

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    Just for reference purposes, I sold the hull with just a few parts still attached for $1250.00 via ebay.


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