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    Question paint to make it look like carbon fiber????/

    hi i was wondering if there is a way to paint to make it look like carbon fiber? or is there any sticker or vinyl kits to do this? i am thinking of making the plastics on my gpr all carbon fiber. any ideas would be great thanks.

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    use the search function.... i know someone just did this and posted the results on the forum.... what you are looking to do is called hydrographics.

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    Not sure about paint cus that could get pretty pricey, deffinitly vynil tha has the look...but you shuld just get wraped in real CF

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    The painting technique for "faux" carbon fiber is pretty easy.. Youtube it!! I've personally used 3M Di-Noc carbon fiber vinyl with very good success.. I'll post a few pics when I'm off work..

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    We use a really really high quality vinyl product here at my stereo shop on dash pieces. Looks very nice. I have always wanted to shoot clear over for some extra zing. Blowsion does a surprisingly large amount of decal work within their custom paint jobs

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