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    96 seadoo gtx

    For starters I am new to the forum, I have a 96 Seadoo GTX and I seem to be taking on more water then I am getting rid of out of the hull. I changed the bilgle lines and clamps thinking I was getting air causing me not to pump water out, with same outcome. Any suggestions?


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    welcome to GH. first you need to look in the back of the pump. on the inside and top of the venturi you need to see if there are two little tubes looking back at you and protruding from the venturi. if you are missing one your bilge works in reverse. if they are present you have to replace the carbon ring around the drive shaft inside the hull. you will need to remove the pump to replace this. other places to look that are not as common are missing intake grate bolts and busted fiberglass behind the sponsons on the side of the ski.

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