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    manifolds,reed,intakes ohh my

    so ive been looking at performance for the 951

    i have been looking at r&d allot and im looking for input on these products

    the regular manifold they offer
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	223-95000.jpg 
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    951 Sea-Doo Intake Manifold - Now Available

    The R&D 951 Intake Manifold has a redesigned intake port that creates velocity and improves horsepower throughout all rpm range. It is a direct replacement that mounts the stock carbs. Matching the reed stuffers (sold separately).

    Pt. # 223-95000

    it also requires this part
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	273-95000.jpg 
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    951 Sea-Doo High Torque Reed Stuffers - Now Available

    The plastic injection molded R&D winged stuffers creating maximum air delivery through improved velocity, producing crisp instant throttle response, and power increase throughout the entire RPM range. The stuffers match up to the R&D 951 Intake Manifold to complete the performance duo.

    Pt. # 273-95000

    the obvious next modd would be a filter or open air element. which of course they offer

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	203-95000.jpg 
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    951 Sea-Doo Power Plenum Air Filter - Now Available

    The R&D 951 Power Plenum installs in 30 minutes and produces a 14 horsepower increase @ 4600 rpm, That's about 5 times more than any other filter. The unique design is maintenance free and is used by factory Sea-Doo on all RXX Sea-Doo's produced.

    Pt. # 203-95000

    that would be the general package.. would a 97.5 white pipe be an aditional upgrade to look at with these mods?

    or should i look further at the manifolds/reeds and go with

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	223-95001.jpg 
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ID:	245296
    951 Sea-Doo Dominator Intake Manifold - Now Available

    The new R&D Dominator Intake Manifold for the 951 power plant features the exclusive patent pending internal plenum design. The dynamics of the plenum design produces up to 8 horsepower over all other intake manifolds. CNC machined to match the R&D M-16 Power Valve. The Dominator Manifold along with the M-16 valve creates max air delivery with improved velocity, producing crisp throttle response and maximum power throughout the rpm range.

    Pt. # 223-95001
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	263-20951.jpg 
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    951 Sea-Doo Monster M-16 Reed Valve - Now Available

    The Monster is everything you've ever wanted in a Reed Valve. This valve is the door to power, open the door and unleash the Monster in your engine. New from R&D with over a decade of development the low lift, high flow sixteen port Monster M-16 power valve advances reed technology into the 21st century. Improving bottom end punch, midrange pull and overall performance. Available for Yamaha, Kawasaki & Sea-Doo watercraft.
    • Instant Throttle Response
    • Up to 20% Gain in Horsepower
    • Increased Acceleration
    • Unsurpassed Performance and Reliability
    • 100% Aluminum Construction
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Pt. # 263-20951 Reed and Manifold Kit this one says it comes with the reed and manifold...^^ i would also figure on an open air element

    would either of these packages work on the stock carbs.. which would be better,what rejet/prop would be best matched what are some issues you would see with the choice.

    input wanted plz

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    anyone got any input?

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    go with the regular intake mani and stuffers. the dominator set up is super expensive

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