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Thread: need an emm

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    need an emm

    im in need of an 1100 di emm. fought the probem all last year and even sent the computer off to dfi. they returned it and said they couldnt find the problem. this year the computer got sent to kawasaki and they said it is bad. and i have a dealer to program the injectors to the new computer. but i have called all over gods green earth trying to find one and cannot. so if anyone has one and would be willing to sell im interested., thanks again!!!!

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    Even dealer can't order one for you?

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    yes they can so i shouldnt say i am out of options. but they want 1400 for the emm. and i dont see that to be cost efficient on a 3000ish dollar ski.

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    ive sent many eem's to dfi and they fixed em all, not saying anything about yours or your exp with dfi, i agree $1400 for a year 2000 emm is plum greedy and WAY over priced, bombardier now holds the rights to the ficht technology now called ETEC.

    i purchased a 130 ultra with a blown 1100 dfi engine with full intention of going carbs and dump the ficht, the ficht WAS a great improvement for 2 cyc engines but didnt set well with me the fact that dfi is the ONLY ones to offer repair ! what happens if they close or stop servicing the emm's.

    a head, intake manifold and carbs, some wiring, an elect box components it can be converted, mine runs great.

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    oh i agree i would gladly pay them the 534 or whatever it is they charge but the fact that they couldnt find anything wrong with it troubles me, im thinking of sending it back and seeing if they could try again but might just be wasting my time. i was hoping someone on here might have one to sell.

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    if they dont find anything wrong with it you should look for your trouble somewhere else, its not an extreemly complicated system but i does require certain tools and must follow the diagnostic guidlines by someone that has knowledge with those systems, those people are hard to find since its a technology no longer in production and no longer being trained, good luck.

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    like i said dfi couldnt figure it out. however when the dealership sent the emm to kawasaki to run it through the ringer kawasaki determined it to be bad.

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    DFI says your EMM is not bad.
    Kawi says it is bad.
    What does your dealer say?
    If they say bad, ask what the error code(s) might be.
    Also, ask the time of error occurrence and see if it matches with the current engine hour on your ski.

    They are selling one at $1400? Does that include reprogramming & replacement labor? If yes, it sounds right.

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