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    Thumbs up MSD ENHANCER timing questions.

    Bike is a 96XP with the following mods.

    15/23 solas prop, r&d 88/85, running no intake grate at all.

    I plan on putting in the enhancer as my next mod but was wondering where I should put the timing. I have access to 110 leaded fuel and considered mixing to make 98 octane. I was also wondering where I should have the timing at with the addition of the following mods that I plan to do later on in the season.

    43cc Buckshot head/miller domes, prok filters and rejet kit.

    Any suggestions?

    Robert I know you have worked with these extensively, any suggestions?

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    if looking for simple bolt on mods send out a set of carbs to have them true bored to 40mm. group k, perry performance, and judge motorsports all have good knowledge and upgrades for the 787 engine.

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    hear is a basic layout for the mirco touch.. it says 787 and also has the 951 motor im not sure which is on the page or it it applys sincei ts the msd unit.

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    Yeah I don't know about that last link. My unit seems to differ a bit. It's a 4255 which you can find the install instructions online but not the user manual. I'd actually like to give MSD some props on their customer support. I called them and got a human voice in seconds, then received the instruction manual within 2 minutes via email. I was blown away! They give some basic suggestions on timing but its pretty vague. Was wondering what others have ran timing wise on their modded bikes?

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    I don't have a "bike", but I do have MSD Enhancer experience. There is no set timing to use on your 96xp. Every engine and modification will act differently depending on your climate and altitude. Do your homework,,use the manual as it explains how to proceed with altering your timing. You need to KNOW what you are doing or you will ruin your engine.

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    BUMP, 96XPSS any thoughts?

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