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    ZXI 1100 Electrical Case Grounding

    It appears the electrical case grounding is not correct in my ZXI 1100. If I measure voltage across the positive (+) terminal of my battery my my ground lug inside the case, I show no voltage. If I do the same across the (+) terminal of the battery to the engine case, I show 12V.

    My question is how does the electrical case get grounded? If it isn't grounding properly, it could be the cause of my electrical bugs.

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    Cancel that, figured it out and isn't solving my problem.

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    if the elect case isnt grounded to the battery or the engine you may have damage to the components inside the elect case.

    temp install a ground to the case and battery.

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    i bought a 1100 zxi and the owner said he changed to an aftermarket ignition and it burned the ground wire into inside the case. he installed a wire from case to battery and repaired the the burned one solved problem. i assume these skis need more of a ground than they come from the factory.

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    I added a secondary ground strap to mine. Beforehand, I could never get less than 80 ohms from the case to ground. Now I get under 1 ohm.

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