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    2000 GTI pump rebuild and Drive Shaft questions

    Threw a new wear ring in my 2000 GTI the other day and came up with just a few questions on the rebuilding of the jet pump.

    1. Inisde the jet pump cone, there appears to be the inner chamber and the outer chamber. Does adding jet pump oil (Sea Doo's $15 brand for a few ounces) lubricate the inner area as well via the threaded allen screw hole or is the inner area with the spring and anti-rattle device supposed to be filled with synthetic grease before re-assembly?

    2. I read that I am supposed to put locktite on the O-ring itself. Is this a lube type locktite in lieu of the blue and red stuff for bolts?

    3. When I installed the pump back on the boat, I ended up with a HUGE leak through the impeller shaft. There was 1 extra part that fell out of somewhere while doing the rebuild that I had no idea where it was to go. It was sort of a rubber grommet that looked a bit like a flat toped mushroom. Is this the "part 13 listed on the drive system diagram attached on this photo? If so, does that grommet simply plug into the ass end of the drive shaft right before you fit the female end of the impeller over the driveshaft? If this was not in place, does it just make sense that I am taking on huge amounts of water through this missing grommet, up the drive shaft and into the boat at the carbon ring?

    Lastly, in the attached photo of my Drive system, is there anything standing out that is missing from the shaft setup besides the misplaced metal clamp rings? This thing wClick image for larger version. 

Name:	Sea Doo Drive Shaft exploded view 001.jpg 
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ID:	245317as squirting water all over the inside of the hull when I fired it up. It would have sank if I wouldn't have gotten to shore quickly. Yeeks. Ideas?Click image for larger version. 

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    Where did u get the schematics sheet? Do you have it for the pump assembly as well?

    Sorry I Can't awnser but I'm sure someone will....

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    I did a yahoo search for "2000 GTI shop manual". You will come up with a top result of where you should find many of the full shop manuals in great detail like this. Just printed and scanned it. I hope I am not crossing any lines with doing this...I surely do not mean to if it is inappropriate. Good luck with your fix!

    I found the pump to be very easy to remove, replace the wear ring with no extra tools at all other than a pliers to pull the old one out a mm at a time from side to side (no removal of the impeller was needed). The one thing that I think I have resolved is that the little rubber stopper was supposed to go into the prop shaft at the back end where the impeller is seated. Aside from that, maybe my alignment is off and I may just need to re-do this. Also, when I was inside the cone draining the old stinky oil, I didn't put anything inside the inner area where the anti rattle device sits (the spring and plastic looking parts. I suspect that I may need to pack it with synthetic grease, and then re-fill the cone with the Sea Doo gear oil through the plug. Another thing that I believe I overlooked is that the schematic appears to call for a bit of pipe sealant on the allen wrench cone plug. I neglected to do this OR to put any loctite on any of the screws. Lastly, I inserted the new wear ring into the pump boot with the flat side of the ring to the rear of the boat and the side with the thin edge secured to the boat with the neoprene gasket that they sent me in the wear ring kit. I did not put any instant gasket material on this neoprene seal. There are just so many areas of question now for me but one thing I know is that I am taking on huge amounts of water through the float ring on the drive shaft where it meets the rear rubber boot. Any help for a "sinking feeling".
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    The boot around the carbon ring area was buckled up too far toward the engine. Pushed that back and it is working fine now. Also, when I replaced the wear ring, it came with a neoprene seal for the pump boot to hull connection. I had not put any other liquid gasket maker on this area and believe that was a problem. Also, I don't know if I am right, but it sure seemed to me that there was too much space between where the Orings were in the rear and the boot when it sealed up. I threw some black gasket maker on the o-rings as well (cautious not to plug the holes up and it is doing fine now. I love you black gasket in a tube!

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