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Thread: fx 140 review

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    fx 140 review

    Hey guys,

    we are looking at buying an 02 or 03 fx140 this week. The 03 has 65 hours and has a ripped /faded seat and the 02 has 85 hours but is in mint exterior condition.

    i can get the 03 for 2600 and the 02 for 3100. what do you guys think is the better way to go?


    how does the fx 140 perform? we are looking for a "do it all" ski that can tow a tube, rip around the bay and just have fun on. if we enjoy it we may purchase a high end one next year.

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    Buy them both! We had a pair of the 2003 models; they are great starter skis. Just dump the OEM air filter setup (they tend to clog up with oil real fast which kills your speed) replace it with the Riva Velocity Stacks and a Power Filter and you've got a dependable, 55-56 mph 4 stroke.

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    any other comments? going to look at them today, whats a good compression reading for them?

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    well i would up buying the 03 with the ripped seat. got it for 2k! so far i swapped out all the plugs and put in a new battery. went for a ride and i am only getting 48-50 mph on the speedo. what should i look into checking?

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    I already answered your question!
    As a test, pull that air filter element out of there for a few minutes and see what happens to your speed.

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