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    Need help with decision

    I'm new to jet skis and new to this site. A friend took me out on his ski a few weeks ago and it was my first time I had a blast and now I'm hooked. I found a 1997 1100 on craigslist looks brand new it has a new motor (only 5 hours on it). The motor was put in 2 seasons ago. The problem is that the lady that is selling it doesn't want to start it. Her husband is away in military and she really doesn't know what to do. She was asking 2400 for it but I said there no way I would pay her that with out testing I offered her 1500 she came back with 1750. I told her the only way I would do it is I will give her half cash and the other half I would give her a post dayed check for the other half for 5 days after I pick up. She was ok with that(I was surprises) she has all the paper work for the new motor. What would you do? Like I said it looks brand new. I looked at 5-6 other skies in that price and they don't look any where as nice.

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    I recommend having her start up the ski before you buy it, let it run for awhile. and check everything in the engine, even if the engine is new i would do a compression check to be sure...

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