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    2001 polaris virage shut down while riding

    i have 2001 virage while at the lake testing the skie after a new stator and a flywheel the skie turn on good ran good after 50 yards it died start again same ran good 50 yards died
    after five times the skie wont start check the compresion the front cyclinder had zero compresion open both heads to see seems like the front was full of black smoked the second the good one was wet with fuel and oil any suggestions y it happend thank u

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    Dual carburetors or single carb?

    What work was done, other than the stator and flywheel?

    What part number is the new flywheel?

    What was damaged in the MAG cylinder? Hole in piston, cylinder wall damage, piston ring damage?

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    single carb flywheel same # as the old one also change the reeds same # as the old ones
    looks like the cylinder wall is scratch piston looks good piston moves side to side looks likep the piston rings and cylinder wall have a gap between them do u know y was it diyng on me

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