Hey guys, is anyone a hunter on here.
Last year was my first year doing it all out and I loved it. I need some advice. I would really like to turkey hunt, then bow hunting is my passion, and then maybe rifle not as big of a fan. I do not own any land and walking on to state land on opening day is like walking in Iraq, gunfire everywhere, people calling like idiots and not a deer to be seen after seeing so many during bow and not getting close enough to take a shot during bow. It was very disappointing. My buddy has about 250 acres but I feel bad about taking his deer after he puts so much work into them during the year. Basically does anyone know any good sites to find some hunting land. I am in college and don't have much money, maybe helping a farmer take some deer off the land and split meat with him and some cash. Anyone have experience with that? I am in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Lets keep this thread going all season and see some of your guys trophies!