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    New to site. New to Jet ski ownership. Need help starting and diagnosing noise.

    Hey all. First of all, I have no experience whatsoever with Jet skis and owning them, so if the following sounds like a novice is explaining it that's the reason.

    So if you're reading this, let me tell you the back story. I received a free 1992 Kawasaki 750SS, and when I received it the guy said all it needed was a "battery". That's generally code for new engine. haha. This is a project for me and my buddy's son, so if it dosen't cost too much we're going to pull it apart and get it running.
    So I went and purchased a new battery today and installed, put the choke on, lanyard in place, turned the fuel on and hit start and it tried to turn over. It was cranking and the sound from the engine literally sounded like a bunch of rocks tumbling around in a dryer. Not a banging, but it's hard to describe as I'm not a mechanic, but I know it didn't sound good. It sounded really rough, like something dry rubbing together. Not steel on steel, but not good. I hooked up the hose flush without the water on in case it started, as I didn't want to burn up the engine. It tried to turn over a few times, and then it just started making that noise like when your starter dies or battery is dead going click, click, click. I pulled the battery and it def. sucked some juice, but recharged in a few minutes.
    Any suggestions on what to do next, besides lighting it on fire? haha. Hopefully I didn't toast the engine, because I"m sure I should have poured a little oil in the pistons and turned them by hand.
    Well, who knows. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks and hope I can contribute.

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    Welcome aboard, southernmaryland!

    Sounds like the impeller is hitting the jet pump housing. Sometimes corrosion causes this, but if the boat has been in storage for a while, it could have critters or anything else in there.

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    remove the pump and eliminate it during trouble shooting for the noise

    charge battery and do a compression test, next test the spark

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