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    Gp1200r only reving to 5000

    I have my gp1200r which i gust got. It was working fine and speeding to 65mph even thought it had a sticky throttle. I took it for repair and the throttle was not sticky any more but, on trying it, it only rev up to 5000 and was going half its top speed.

    Could it be that the mechanic made some mistake when put it back together?

    Can any one help PLEASE!!! Thanks

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    Start with a compression check

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    Mine did that recently too ... got me wondering if it getting full of water had something to do with it. Had my exhaust come off and let water into the engine bay. In the end it was just faulty spark plugs that didn't let it rev.

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    Powervalve controller is bad

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    Stupid question. but are you plugs tight? I know i somehow forgot to tighten the plugs on mine and fired it up and it would only rev up to about 5000-5500

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