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    MSX150 milky oil in oil tank

    So i bought this jetski knowing that it needed something cause the ski would not turn off when the lanyard was removed. well i got that fixed by buying a new ISFB switch (i think thats what its called) anywho.. after that was done we checked the oil and its all milky... what could be the cause of this? could my tank have gone bad or is my turbo shot and water is getting in from their? I hope its my oil tank and not my turbo... my mechanic did a compression test and the engine seems good according to him.. so i dont think its a blow head gasket.. im thinking the previous owner rolled the ski or something...oh and the guy i bought the ski from will not return my calls of text.. so i may have been royally screwed and this is my first PWC... AAHHH i think im gonna go crazy... please help i can answer any other questions you may have..

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    I am having the same issue. From what I have read, the o-ring seals inside the oil tank go bad and allow the water and oil to mix.

    Have you pressure tested the coolant tank system to make sure you are not loosing coolant through the closed loop system? Are you loosing any coolant?

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    my oil was only milky not any other color so that tells me its not a blown head gasket, also my mechanic did a compression test on the engine and everything was good and my collant level is fine... can my turbo be letting in the water to my oil system? sorry if some questions are dumb.. im new to this stuff and have a mechanic working on it... thanks for any assitance

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    i got me anothe oil tank we will see if that fixes it... fingers crossed. i just bought the ski and the guy i got it from did not mention anything of this and my dumb self did not check the oil.. (banging my head on the wall.)

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