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    Yamaha Watercraft app for android...

    Anyone else downloaded this yet? Seems to have some okay information on there, but holy moly it took for freakin ever to download...Anybody else have this problem?

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    Are you referring to the Yamaha WaterCraft app from Textopoly, Inc.? If so, the app appears to be nothing more than promotional information on the 2011 Waverunner line-up. That's too bad. If it had info on maintenance or a travel log and fuel use history it might be worth the download.


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    Yea, they could even put a reliable GPS with tenths on there or something. Maybe even a part finder...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charliefppower View Post
    Yea, they could even put a reliable GPS with tenths on there or something. Maybe even a part finder...
    It's hard enough sometimes just to find parts with a computer!

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    Trust me no one knows that better than me. Thats what I do at a Yamaha Shop everyday. Im always trying to educate my customers how to look them up on their own and get us the part numbers... Especially for phone orders, it takes a TON of the guessing out of it. I understand why they don't though cause it is hard for me and I do it all day everyday.

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