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    05 STX Hull Question

    My wife was loading the ski on the trailer last weekend and hit the throttle a little too hard sending it up into the winch handle.

    End results was a chip out of the hull right below the bumper. Its probably an inch long, 1/2 inch wide, and deep enough through the color that I see a lighter color (probably the structure). Doesnt seem to leak, but want to get it patched up.

    Been poking around different areas and cant seem to find a straight answer. Is this a gel coat on the hull, or is it just a painted material?

    Can I fill this with a color matched (or I should say color-close) gelcoat? Or should I be using a different product?

    The gel coat procedures for fixing seem to be pretty straight forward.....get out all loose material, tape up around area, mix up with color, add hardener, push into place, sand rough, sand fine, etc.

    Anything different on the STX's??

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    I fix a chip a long time ago on one of my old seadoo. Ones you put the mix in the chip. Take some clear hard plastic thats bendable. Like the plastic that a flash light come inn. Duck tape it over the plastic were the chip is and after a day or so when you take it off there will be min able wet sanding. If you get the right amount of mix it comes out glosses and you might not have to sand. at all. Make sure to mix the harder wright or sometime some of it will come off when you pull the plastic off. It happen to me on my latest ski. I think it wasn't the same stuff I had before. As for color match They had something from seadoo at the time and it match great. So kaw might have something too. Good luck

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