I am going to order the connectors to build up the cables needed to connect a laptop to the EMM on a Polaris DFI model, as well as the "test light" connectors.

If anyone is interested let me know, so I can order enough parts to build them.
Pricing will be different depending on what year you have. 99-01 will cost more due to the connectors used.
These will be exactly like the OEM Polaris cables. No hack job here, as we build cables all the time here at work. We have the tools and crimpers needed to do the job right.

Retro has allready expressed interest, along with myself. I will probably be placing the order in the next few days, as I am in no immediate hurry, and I want everyone to have the oppurtunity to get one, that wants one.

So far i'm thinking a laptop to EMM cable for the 99-01 will run $40 shipped and the 02-04 cable will run $30 shipped. Pricing subject to change, possibly lower. I will get back soon on the pricing for the diag lights.