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    96 GSX 787 MPEM Bad, Can you test everything else?

    I am considering buying another 96 GSX 787. The only problem that the current owner claims is a bad MPEM. I was wondering if there is anything else i can check to make sure I am not buying a headache? If everything else is good it is worth fixing, if not don't want to waste my money. Any help would be greatly Appreciated.

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    You could probably just short the starter relay and do a compression check. That would let you know how the top end is. Would not tell you much about the bottom end, drive or pump. There is probably some issue that caused the MPEM to go bad in the first place. Some times people jump start skis with cars. That can cause MPEM to go bad, along with the stator and recitifier. In my opinion it would have to be a very good price where you could recoup your money by parting out if it ends up being a lemon. I bought a ski in a similar situation. This is what happened.

    Realy the only reason I started this project is because the guy was selling a prefectly good RX and double trailer with the GTX.
    2000 GTX. It would not recognize the DESS key. I offered $700.00 for it.
    Replaced the MPEM with one bought on EBAY for $250.00
    Got it running and found out the reason the MPEM was bad was because it had been jump started with a car after lean seizing at the lake.
    Top end redone $360.00.
    I did all the wrench work myself but taking it to the shop would have been much more than what I spent.

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    The price They are asking is $500, so might be able to part out if bad.

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    if you have a gray box out of another ski for that 787 motor you can pop that in there and then take your lanyard for that mpem and see if it fires

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