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    Water in the engine, and now it won't start...

    Hey guys, thoughts you guys can shed some light on this situation of mine.

    I have a 2006 stx 12f and found that the large hose connecting the exhaust manifold to the muffler was loose and let in a lot of water into the hull, half way up the engine. Mind you, we did not start the engine when we noticed this and let the water out immedietly. After we tightened up the large hose, the engine ran fine for about a day. The next day i was riding it, and the jet ski stalled on me in the middle of the lake. After bringing it out of the water, we noticed a ton of water in all 4 pistons. We took out the plugs and cranked it a bunch of times, shooting up the water out of the pistons. Now the pistons seem pretty dry, but the thing won't start. Fuel and spark is fine.

    Any ideas of how the water got in there? also any input from you guys is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Assuming fuel is ok and engine turning ok (hydro lock did not causing damage). I would try replacing the spark plugs first and foremost.

    But as you stated the real question is where did the water come from because you said it ran fine for a day and it was the next day the problem began.


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    if the water was in all 4 pots i would suggest the water was injested through the intake check the air intake, other than that it can only travel in reverse up the exhaust.

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    Great advice so far guys, thanks. I will go ahead and change the plugs.

    nicjak, so you're saying that it is possible that the water can travel up into the motor through the exhaust? I'm pretty sure that the water did not get sucked up into the intake, and i did check the airbox for any signs of water which there wasn't any. I know the exhaust was fully submerged though.

    Any other advice or input?

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    Good point Nicjak! YEs if you tow the ski behind a boat faster than 5 mph you will force water up the exhaust and into the engine. The other thing is if you turn on the water hose before the engine is running you will force water into the cylinders. So did you tow your ski that day and possibly push water up the exhaust.

    And since we know water hit the plugs you can almost assume they are toast. And if it were me and I had water in the cylinders I would drop some oil in them and crank to try and keep rust down until you get it running.

    Surely there is a post on here as to what to do when you get water in the engine.

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    Thanks shogan. I did not tow the ski at all, but i do have a tendency to turn on the hose before turning on the ski, hmm.

    I will add some drops of oil in there...good call!

    So if my engine is cranking and i have spark and fuel, it's a good sign that i didn't cause any damage?

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    Get it started asap

    Dont let that water sit in the cylinders whatever you do! It will ruin the engine. Like someone said, Spray lube in cylinders and crank engine over a few series of times removing water from cylinders. install plugs, try to get it started. Find water source by sitting on ski at the ramp while its in the water.

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    Yeah but it wouldn't make sense if you put water in the engine at home that it would work for a half long enough for u to get in the middle of the lake. So after you immediatelly run out and lube up the goo buy some new spark plugs and try to get it running tonight.

    Then after it's running don't take it anywhere until you figure out how the water got in the cylinders. My fear is that you have a cracked block. Because if the hull was empty of water then no way to ingest water and you didn't tow it I don't see any other way for water to get water into the cylinders. But I'm a novice maybe someone else will chime in with an idea.

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    Shogan, i see what you're saying about the cracked block, but because the hull was flooded prior to starting it, is it possible that water might have gotten into somewhere causing it to go into the cylinders? I want to add as well that the oil on the dipstick and on the cap is clean with no water whatsoever.

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    Did you run it on the hose after the last time you rode it?

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