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    Jetting Info for 787 with Aftermarket Flame Arrestors

    I have a 97 XP (with accel pumps), need N/S, jetting info for K&N taper top cone F/A.
    I would like to stay with the 1.5 N/S if possible with a 65gm spring. That would put me at 32 according to the book, but upper 20s most likely. With free flow arrestors, it seems like most people do best with 26-28 for the pop. Do I need to move up on the pilot to something like 75s to help as well? What mains? Thanks for the help.

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    I have an aftermarket F/A and used 75 pilots, 147 mains. It wasnt perfect. I ended up having to use the 2.0 needle and seat with an 80 gram spring. This made it pull strong all the way through. My needle settings on the high are 1/2 ane 3/4. Lows are one turn. But this may not be optimal for you. I have some slight exhaust porting, and higher compression and bored 1.5mm. Also removed the chokes.

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    I ordered 2.0 needles yesterday to get my pop off down. I am moving from 70 pilots to 75. I hope both of these moves helps the off idle bog and throttle response. I currently am running 142 mag and 147 pto for mains and it is pretty nice on top. Many folks have told me 145s in both work fine as well. I am running 165compression with some mild porting and no chokes as well. Thanks for the response.

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