customer brought in a 95 slt 750 for a cylinder exchange kit to be done, when i removed the cylinders, they were off of the first year model 750s with the large cooling line that runs through the cases even though his block is not set up that way. so someone must have swapped them in the past.

my question is:
can you run cylinders from either year model no matter what the cooling routing is?
can i run open cylinders on a closed set of cases or vise versa, run closed cylinders on an open set of cases?

the major difference is the early year 750 cylindes are open on the bottom to allow cooling flow and the later years are blocked off.

im familiar with cooling routing differences between the years, do i need to change the cooling to accommodate the change? even though there may not be a nipple on the exhaust manifold?

i called sbt's tech support and was told that i can run either cylinders on either cases but he did not know about cooling routing changes.