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    Riva X charger or ET137

    Which one is better in regards to quicker acceleration? I want to upgrade one of my skis into one of these.


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    I have the X charger upgrade and like it alot. My 9.5:1 pistons help some also, but I hear alot of people saying good things about the ET137.

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    You are going to get completely mixed reviews on this question as there are a good amount of threads just like this. More people will probably plug the Riva wheel because it is sold on the site. I personally like the ET wheels and it may be a coincedence but every fast ski in my area runs an ET wheel or charger. Although it's not a fair assesment, there is a P-X like yours that is bolt ons plus Riva X wheel and every ski he races runs away from him. Unfortunately, there is no boat set up exactly like his so it isn't apples to apples and may seem like I'm just speculating.
    Bottom line, it's just a matter of personal preference. I don't think anyone will ever prove one is better than the other, just give statements to try and support their opinion.
    If you do a little reading of people's mods and speeds with the same ski as yours, it may help make your decision a little easier.

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