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    kawasaki zxi1100 not starting even when warm

    Hi members,
    This is my first post on here as a new member. Firstly thanks for having me! My name is Neil and i come from Bedford in the UK.
    I hope somone can give me a bit of help. i have a kawasaki 1997 zxi1100 ski. It is my second ski (first being kawasaki stx 750) which i recently purchased. Probably a bit of a dinosaur, but hey we all gotta start somwhere The problem i have, is it will only start (most of the time) after squirting a bit of fuel directly into the piston barrels. It will then somtimes idle for a bit but usually dies shortly afterwards. The confusing part is that i had it running in the water whilst on the trailor on a slipway. I was giving it about half throttle for a minute or so. I then cut the engine and pulled it off the trailor fully into the water, the engine was nice and warm, but when i tried to restart her she wouldnt start. I am not tryin to suggest it is due to it being inclined on the trailor, the reason i started it on the trailor is because i knew if it cut out, i wouldnt have to paddle back!. The only way she would start was, again by squirting fuel into the barrel. Do the carbs on these have a bypass for idle? if so maybe it is blocked?? or is there somthing else i should be looking at? i have had it started on a hose pipe on the road but it allways seems to have fuel starvation like problems. I did take the three carbs out but was not too sure what to do or what to look for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. sorry to sound so demanding on my first post but would realy like to be sure it is reliable before taking my kids on the sea.

    Maybe i should also mention there is quite a build up of positive pressure in the fuel tank after its been running, is this normal?

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    Check the fuel line for blockage. Check the fuel filter as well. Also look for pinches in the hose.

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    Thanks for the reply ATV, fuel filter looks good although there is one small ball of somthing in there about the size of a match head. will have a go at pulling the the fuel pipes out of the tank and giving them a blow through. when u say check for pinches, do u mean holes or kinks? The only thing i will say is when i had it running on the trailor in the water, it seemed to run sweet. so i guess it was getting the fuel satisfactory at that point. This makes me think it only has a problem getting the initial fuel to get it started. Will have a look at the above mentioned though. Thanks Neil

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    Should i just try a primer kit to aid in starting??? if so are the kits universal or do i need a specific kit? Please any help as we are wishing to take it on a annual 2 week trip to the sea very shortly.
    Thanks again Neil

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    Is it coz im english or my user name?????
    Dont seem very helpful in here

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    A primer kit will help with starting. If the ski is new to you I would recommend rebuilding or atleast cleaning the carbs out. I would also put in a new filter and fuel lines. How old are the plugs? What plugs are in it? What is the compression of each cylinder? If you are having fuel starvation problems you got to be careful or you will be rebuilding a engine.

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    Sorry you didn't get many responses. No offense intended!

    Primers will definitely make starting easier. I don't remember if the '97s had the CV carbs or not. Most primer kits tell you to remove the chokes and install the primer nozzles in place of the choke shafts. You don't want to do this on the CV carbs or they will run too lean.

    I've put nozzles into the intake manifold on several of my 'Skis and I'm quite happy with the results. They work fine, and you don't have to mess with the primer lines when you remove the flame arrestor/carbs.

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    had a sea doo doing basically same thing ,could start on trailer but ride a little and would die . pull out put fuel in cylinder start up. it was the fuel tank vent clogged. so once it started and ran a while it could not pull anymore fuel from tank.

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    thanks for your replies. will put some of this to the test over the weekend. all primer kits all the same or do i need a specific one for this ski? sorry about the earlier rant but getting a little anxious about not having the ski ready in time to take away.
    Thanks Neil

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    HI peeps, Took the fuel lines off and blew and sucked them down them and it seemed to start for a while, but after it had been off for an hour or so it would not start again. should the fuel filter be quite full? mine is only ever ablout 1/8th full of fuel, is this normal? also noticed the vent pipe off the fuel tank will only allow me to blow down it, it will not allow me to suck on it, is this normal, does it have a one way valve?? there is no visable valve on the entire length of vent pipe, so is there one on the the pick up pipe assembly? if not then why does it not allow air to go both ways??
    Took the pick up pipes out of the tanks but these looked perfectly clear, also added some fuel line cleaner to the fuel in the hope of clearing out any congealed fuel.
    I think it will run allright once its started but its a lot of hard work to get it started, usualy resulting in a flat battery unless i deposit fuel manualy into the cylinders.
    Why primer kit should i use for this ski ???
    Thanks in advance.

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