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    Exclamation '93 waverunner 3 carb help

    ok thanks for visiting my thread does anyone know what kind of mikuni carb is on a 93 waverunner 3 650 model had if anyone knows if a stiff/hard diaphragm pump or the fuel pump diaphragm could cause it to hard start on the first start after 1 day of sitting aound.

    Because it is hard to start on the first time ever, i have to put a little gas in it to start it then let it sit and idle because if i hit the gas it will spudder and die but if i let it sit and idle it works great.

    also a carb rebuild kit would be nice if i could locate the right one for this model thanks if you can help.

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    ok I found this plug in this hole, the hole is at the very bottom of the carb it goes all the way through the carb to the throttle valve inside and i cannot find this pin or hole on the carb repair manual is this suppose to be there or did the factory mistakenly leave that there.

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    it's supposed to be there.
    Diaphragms should be soft...just replaced them on a couple of skis I'm working on, made a world of difference.
    I'll ask the owner where he got the kits from, I know they were $30 some odd a piece
    I think you can get the diaphragm it's self from just look at the i.d. plate on your ski an search that should be something like WR650

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    Thanks i found the model it is a WRA650RA model I'm going to get the carb rebuild kit and hopefully this will fix it

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    glad i could be of some help

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