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    Help with new PWC... 2000 GTx vs. VRX/VRS

    I purchased a 2000 GTX(951 2 stroke) late last summer - 215 hrs on it - presently at 245 (rebuild done at 185hrs by previous owner).
    Been great ski for the family so far - but looking to replace it before any major costs - and want something with more power.
    The GTX will do 60-61 MPH speedo by myself - but cavitates alot pulling me (205 lbs) out of the water with a doble high wrap ski (use to ski alot behind boats). Also cavitates pulling two guys on tubes out of the water - but fine once on plane.
    Was looking at the 215 Wake or a 260 RXT 260 with ski pylon as a replacement - but the SC costs are scaring me - as I plan to run 30-40 hrs per year for the next 10 years. Like the pylon to get the rope out of the water/spraying into the kids eyes while pulling the tube.

    At the Yamaha dealer today and found out about the VRX/VRS - which may fit the bill nicely.
    I'm on a small inland lake in SW ontario Canada - no major waves and don't do any touring. Want something bare bones like the GTX - but with more power (regular fuel is also a bonus).

    Will the normally aspirated 1.8L fit the bill for me than the more costly, weights more, and high mtc cost (eventually) of the FZS/FX SHO? Can I get a ski pylon for it?

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    VXR or VXS will fit the bill nicely. It is just as quick as the FZR and SHO, but you get better fuel and less things to worry about (no supercharger).

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