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    need some help!! with a blaster motor

    I have a blaster that i bought from a guy who has had it modded with differnt pro tec head, pro tec cylnder, carbs, custom intake. and many others. Want to send to a reliable blaster guy. The front cylnder has some wear may need re niciled can do all this myself but time is a problem. would like the crank seals, case gaskets, check rod bearings and crank bearings, new .25 pistons gaskets have the cylinder re done, assembly Just a complete rebuild. also i ride pretty hard so reliability is a must. this is 1 of 4 blaster that i have. Just no time to work on them. I live in illinois and have the motor out and torn down.

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    Nice talking with you today....I'll let ya know what I find when I see it in person.


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