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    Strange electrical issue on 93 SL650

    I've read through the service manual and searched but haven't found an answer to my issue. I've got a 93 sl650 that only has intermittent spark. When it sparks, it starts right up, but almost always runs for about 3 seconds and dies. All my grounds are tight and clean and there are no obvious signs of wiring issues in the box. I disconnected the engine kill and still usually no spark. Any ideas (particularly on the run for 3 seconds and die issue)?

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    Another potentially important piece of info is that the seal on my electrical box was bad. When I opened it up, it had water inside.

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    Check you stator specs with an ohm tester and look for any signs of corrosion inside the electrical box connections

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    Open the box and make sure the back side of the terminal board is intact. THe rivets holding the terminals on can rust and break off or become loose. If its on the ground terminal it may cause a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    Check you stator specs with an ohm tester and look for any signs of corrosion inside the electrical box connections
    No sign of corrosion. Page 7.2 of the service manual gives me the testing specifications, but they're not making a whole lot of sense to me. None of the wire pairing are right. For example, for the trigger coil it says to connect the ohmeter leads to White/Yellow to Black, but there is no such connection. same with the pulser coil - Blue/Red to Red/White.

    Ok. I'm an idiot. I was looking in the box as opposed to the stator.

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    Checked stator wires per service manual. Ground is good, so is trigger coil, pulser coil and exciter coil. Alternator coil is way off. Says it should be .6 and it was 148k. What does that indicate? Also, whenever I hook up the battery it sounds an alarm for about a half second.

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